Getting away


Something about travel gets us into a different mindset. Things that once bothered us roll off of us like the morning dew, and things that would bother us are something that we don’t even consider. Why is it that people are so content when vacationing and oftentimes unhappy in their daily lives? The answer is that humans are not used to monotony and that our instincts tell us to be free and outside.

The nine to five is something that has become part of who we are simply due to evolution. Now we can sit in cubicles without fear of predators or obtaining our own food. And while this is good, it does make us feel cooped up at times, something that is not natural to our biology. It only stands to reason that vacation is what we need.

A health benefit

Perhaps what makes vacationing so great is the wonders it does for our health. People that vacation frequently have fewer medical problems and tend to live longer lives. Perhaps it is the biology and a lifestyle intersect that allows people that vacation to better appreciate their lives and let stress simply be something that does not control them.

If vacationing wasn’t good enough as it is, its health benefits are something that are even more astounding and we are finding more and more health benefits as science continues to study them. The next time you are feeling stressed, don’t worry, just know that a good vacation is all that you need to get your head right and become one with nature.

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