The future of cider


Forgive my recent addiction to discussing the wonders of hard apple cider, but being from Wisconsin, I can assure you that it is something that has always been with me. Not only is Wisconsin the home to a very popular brand of cider, but it also houses a number of local breweries, each with their own unique hard cider homebrew recipe. Having tried them all, I often wondered which one would emerge on top.

Now I have always had my favorite, but I don’t want to list it due to the fact that it might lampoon the entire article. I’ll instead, share what I have learned from reading and trying new ciders for myself. What I have found is that cider technology is actually advancing, having read an Angry Orchard Hard Cider review recently, I learned that the game has changed.

What to look for

In its infancy, hard ciders were much less fragrant and flavorful, but since brewing processes have gotten much more technological updates, the process is now not only much more effective, but also able to breed variety. In the early days, cider was brewed using the same process, virtually same ingredients, and sometimes even the same type of apple.

Now with the popularity of cider and its vast expansion, new techniques are being used and developed every day, which makes it a golden age for the hard cider business. No longer are we forced to drink the same cider with a different label, but rather choose which one we like best and perhaps even find other brands that use that same process. God bless the Internet.


Much like every other form of commerce and competition, hard cider is entering an age where being different matters. Where different techniques, ingredients, and levels of experimentation can pave the way for a new generation of ciders that will better resonate with enthusiasts. The time is perfect for new companies to expand throughout the United States and the world and share what is sure to be the future of the hard cider industry. I would like to welcome to the future!


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