Differences in perception


One of the most interesting things I saw during my visit to Italy was not the sites, the rich cultural history, the amazing food, or even the interesting people, but the advertisements on television. My Italian vacation was quite extended, and even if you try to see everything, there will be days in which you just feel like chilling out in front of the television.

Sure, most of the shows are just like we have here, but in Italian, but what was the most amazing was the nature and abundance of advertisements. Being in another country is pretty amazing, but you do not always realize how different it is until you go about your daily life at home. I soon realized that by simply watching Italian television, that I truly was not in Kansas anymore.

The main difference

Being from America, I always held onto the idea that we were drum beating loudmouths to the rest of the world. However, I had no idea that not only were we that, but we were often depicted in such a manner, even to a comical degree. Every country has its stereotypes, and being an American, I can safely say that our stereotype was the most entertaining. It’s like the Italian family in America that is trying to sell you spaghetti sauce, they are painfully Italian, to an almost offensive degree. Think of your most obnoxious friend turned up to 11, and that is essentially every American on Italian advertisements. It’s truly a thing of wonder.


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