The Importance of Family Business

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One of the things that I learned from my Italian heritage is the importance of the family business. As a second generation Italian, it is my understanding that everything that my family built in this world was the result of perseverance and tight family ties. Take for example, one of my father’s clients that sells air conditioning Chesapeake. The family owned business by another second generation family of Italians was one that was built on hard work and dedication. Having been able to see their services at work, it became clear to me that they had the same work ethic and mentality of my family, and taught me the importance of the family run business.

As a webmaster, my father was put in charge of their webpage, Even though he had little understanding of what the heating and cooling industry consisted of, he used his knowledge of business and family ties to create a local advertising campaign that highlighted the importance of community and family in the broadest sense. It was his campaign that led the advertising of that company to new heights and propelled sales to new highs.

Moving forward

Sales began to skyrocket, and my father’s client kept him in mind when they thought about expanding their advertising campaign. Because she showed such aptitude for appealing to local customers, they brought him back when they decided to optimize for their newest page,, which was their heating page. Again, not knowing anything about how the furnace industry worked, he used his knowledge of business and family to produce a similar advertising campaign that blew the competition out of the water. 

In essence, all it takes to succeed in business is a little bit of ingenuity and knowing how important local, family run businesses are to the community. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that local businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that people will always respond to advertising campaigns that highlight their importance. Whether it is your area of expertise or not, knowing how to appeal to people is much more important than having knowledge in the industry.

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