The importance of recreation


Think about your week on a regular basis, now think about how much time of that is spent working. Most people with careers or full time jobs work on average, 45 hours per week, and if they are lucky, have two weeks off per year. Now in America, this is standard, a set of guidelines that everyone accepts and most people are forced to adhere to. But what might surprise other people, is that in other countries, such as Italy, people work far less and have more time off.

In America, we have this idea of the hardworking American, that anybody, rich or poor can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become a wealthy success. Without going too deep, this is not necessarily true, but the overlying thesis is that work should take priority over play.

And while this is true in some cases

There is more to the story. Hard work is appreciated, and it can get people ahead in life. However, there are numerous benefits to the idea of play, that recreation and vacation are not only crucial to the happiness of workers, but also the success of the business. Happy workers are productive workers, and vacation is the way to achieve this.

Think about it this way, give people more time off, let them come back happy, and watch profits soar. Studies have shown that if we increase the time that people have off, that we increase productivity. Perhaps it’s time to think about making our population happy before focusing on profits.

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