The perfect vacation spot


Chances are, there are few things about Italy that are not known on a global scale. I’ve spoken briefly of wine country, the culture of Italy, and its draw as a vacation spot. But what many people do not know is that there is more to Italy than meets the eye, and more than I can possibly explain. Again, having never been there, my experience is limited, but my family is second-generation, and so I’ve heard tales.

Perhaps what is most interesting about the country is its rich history, which lends to not only its tourist attractions, but its mix of culture as well. Pockets of different native and immigration populations makes it the perfect destination for those looking for the true “melting pot” of the world.

No matter what you are into

Italy has what you need to have a good time. Its culture is second only to its pristine beaches, ornate cities, and worldly cuisine. Now that I mention it, I’ve heard that while Italian food can be found virtually anywhere, it is more like the United States in terms of availability. German, Spanish, French, American and many other foods can be found throughout the country, and many restaurants have a mixture of these.

It is also nearly impossible to throw a stone without hitting a pristine beach, full of some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Italy is the perfect place to simply enjoy life, to be yourself and share cultural experiences with interesting people.

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