All about fun


I mentioned in previous articles that growing up in America and hearing about my native land, that people here have much less fun than Italians. In fact, studies have shown that Americans take much less time of work than Italians, and in some cities in Italy, there are places that force workers to take vacation time. I was astonished to hear this because in America, it is all about working hard and getting rich.

That is not how the Italians think. In fact, they know that in order for people to stay happy and healthy, that they need some time off work. Not to fret about their job, but to truly enjoy themselves. They work hard, they have earned time off, and should be able to spend time with family and friends far removed from work. I’m not sure if this is true in Italy, but in some countries, employers are not even allowed to contact employees who are on vacation.

Astonishing results

The results of this Italian practice is as the above headline would suggest, are astonishing. Employers found that not only were employees happier with their situation, but that productivity increased significantly and profits soared. Italy has something right when it comes to having fun, they are a country that is largely of the idea that people need to have fun in order to be truly happy.

Perhaps American companies can adopt this strategy only to find that giving people time off is a great way to make more money.


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